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We know the market, the commercial trends, and the rental rates so you don’t have to. Through our research database, we can see a wealth of information including city by city vacancy rates, just sold comparable, demographics, even down to specifics like foot traffic in front of retail corners. Need to know the distance to the nearest coffee shop? We’ll provide that information as well. We work to get you the best location, for the best price, in the shortest amount of time.

Looking to start a new business? We specialize in start-up companies. We are here to make sure your business makes the most prudent first steps. We help walk you through the steps of what it takes to acquire commercial space so you are prepared and knowledgeable for your next location. Contact us today to explore the world of commercial real estate and what it has to offer you and your future.

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Market Report

Rising rents and occupancies boosted values across virtually every commercial property sector in 2015, fueling speculation about how hot is too hot when it comes to commercial real estate. While some analysts predict a more modest 2016, the fundamentals of the market remain strong going into the new year, according to some of Chicago’s leading commercial real estate experts, who recently weighed in on the top trends that will drive leasing and development activity in 2016.

1) Off-Price Retail Awakens the Force with Shoppers: Faced with growing competition from online retailers and a broader shift in consumer spending, traditional department stores and apparel retailers are seeking new opportunities in off-price apparel and home products. “While off-price retail is nothing new—it’s the same model TJX and Nordstrom Rack have been using for decades—it became much more popular during the recession, when cost-conscious consumers were looking for discounted luxury items,” said Tim Blum, EVP of Retail Development for HSA Commercial Real Estate.